Monday, July 06, 2015

U.S. Kids Golf Foundation - Jacksonville Local Tour - Windsor Parke Golf Club

The day started with Hubby buying the Titleist golf balls and then to church. After a quick early lunch, it was a 35 minute drive to Windsor Parke. The day was threatening storms but held off until about the sixth hole, when the winds and thunder was going on all around us. We rushed a bit the last few holes, then the ninth and last hole, we were seeing lightning. We did make it into the clubhouse before the rain downpour but what a rush! AA used the wrong club and in our three-some, all took at least one extra stroke trying to get to safety (the horn blew as we were approaching the last green, so double rushing to get to safety). We were so glad not to have to wait out the rain delay! Practice chipping:

Last hole - everyone was scrambling to get to safety. Glad we finished!
Scoring table; was a bit delayed as everyone was checking to see if all arrived inside for the weather delay. The skies opened and poured!
AA did fine winning, but had a bad hole (landed in the water), so her score could have been lots lower. We enjoyed playing with first timers - Emma and Ava.
Blurry photo of her receiving her champion medal:
The 8 - 9 year old girls - Top 5 (with a tie - 6 girls):
Will see this group again next Sunday!

Sunday, July 05, 2015

Happy July 4th!

After arriving home from the Florida State Golf Tournament, we have stayed low, so to speak. Catching up on our sleep and relaxing while doing household chores, laundry, cooking home made meals again. I worked my planned three days this week and we had the truck repairs made, an oil change in the Subaru and Ford's annual medical physical. Thursday, we went to the River House for a glass of wine and popcorn!
Friday we followed Carolyn to her storage unit and now have her freezer in our garage. Once we renovate our kitchen, we will have our old refrigerator in the garage too. Love having the extra cold space!

On Saturday, the 4th of July, we roasted several whole chickens and bought some drinks for the Forte family; they just had their fourth child last Tuesday, a daughter, Emily Kathryn, born almost 9 pounds! 
Then it began to rain. From noon until almost five o'clock. To pass the time indoors, we built one of AA's last unfinished Harry Potter LEGO sets - Gringott's Bank.
Fourth of July turned out wet. We had planned to go to the Cabana, pool and the Club BBQ; then the fireworks! The rain stopped around 5 p.m. so we enjoyed the buffet BBQ and fireworks with Carolyn. AA and Carolyn had a painted shooting star on both their arms and AA selected a horse balloon!
Ice cream after dinner:
Fireworks (Moosehaven/Orange Park, FL)
Our "shy" guest - actually the flash from the camera about blinded them!
The next day - Sunday the 5th - Hubby made a deal on Craig's List for some slightly used Titleist golf balls, Pro-V1; best way to buy and get a good value! AA will begin using these in practice to see if they help improve her game. Hubby got to chat with the seller, found out he works at the World Golf Village and we know some common golfing friends. Small world!
Later on Sunday (5th), AA is in the late summer Jacksonville Local U.S. Kids tournament at Windsor Parke.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Florida U.S. Kids State Championship June 27 and 28th

Over the past 18 days, Alyzabeth has played in three U.S. Kids State Tournaments, each were two days in length (her group - ages 8 - 9, plays two rounds of nine holes each). The Georgia, combined South/North Carolina States and now the Florida State. 
She placed 2nd, 1st and now 4th. She shot her first rounds in the 30's as an eight-year-old (38-34-37). Much to be happy about this summer!
Practice round on Friday afternoon with Coach Jason (front nine on Disney Magnolia - last year she played on Oak Trail):

Round 1: Playing with Tiffany Colin (40/44) and Ariana Silva (45/42). Typical photos below: Caddie Maria with cart and then lots of standing/waiting:
Ninth Hole handshakes:
Scoring Table - Round #1:
Caddie Maria with AA after round one (shot a 42 - had a 7 on Par 3/Hole 3 - sand bunker problems)!
From Facebook's Foundation Golf Academy (FGA):
With Round 1 in the books for the US Kids Florida State Championship, we are encouraged by where our kids stand on the leader board and their chances for success tomorrow.
Alyzabeth Morgan shot 42 after an unfortunate incident with a sand trap had her four over after 3 holes. She took it to the last 6 holes and is ready for tomorrow.

From our Facebook page:
AA had the one "bad" hole (Par 3/Hole 3), otherwise would have been in the top 5; she's made a few adjustments to have a great round today. Rain and the wet fairways will not help but she is ready to whomp them again! 
Comment from Caddie: Maria Castellucci You got that right!!! Caddie is going to be a little wiser today and she will play amazing!! Have a gut feeling.

Sunday, Round 2: Played with Tiffany again and Madison Moman (41/39). A great round with nice chips, better putting and a near perfect chip on the Hole #6 - Par 3 (carry over water):
Ninth Hole:
Coach Jason, Caddie Maria; all smiles with AA's round of 37!!!
From FGA: Congratulations to Alyzabeth Morgan who posted the lowest final round in the US Kids Florida State Championship in the Girls 8-9 year old division. Alyzabeth shot a one over par 37 to catapult to a tie for 4th place for the tournament. FGA is so proud of your top 5 finish (she was 9th after round 1).

Also, AA was just one stroke shy of third place (42/37); we will take it!! Thanks to Caddie Maria keeping AA focused and positive today (she also protected AA during a gusty rainy blast-mini-hurricane on Hole#8!! Siren went off and play was suspended!!).
The top three (AA was runner up to G. Nip in Georgia, and now in Florida placed one stroke behind her):
Now for a short break then getting ready for the "World's"!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Father's Day Preparations! (Posting Late)

We didn't post any of our Father's Day preparations, but now that we are back in town and Daddy-Hubby has his cards and gifts; we can post about them. 
AA made a golf card:

Homemade sign using AA's feet as "greens":
Homemade BBQ sauce; we canned and hid the jars wrapped in the back of the refrigerator:
AA also made him a pen/pencil holder with a golfing theme - #1 Dad.
I bought him some simple cloth napkins; he has always liked them better than paper.
We didn't celebrate until Wednesday, after the Carolinas State Golf Tournament.
Happy Father's Day to the Best Daddy and Hubby!!

Friday, June 26, 2015

U.S. Kids Golf - Carolinas - Day 3 - The Result - First Place!

Tuesday/Last Day (June 23rd)! The sprinklers had run that morning, so took awhile to adjust to the wetness. Same tee time, 10:00 am, with same two girls, so a repeat from Monday. It was hotter than Monday, wetter and not as many random breezes. 
Facebook: Another day, another nine holes. May AA's hard work at the range, lessons and daily practice continue to be her foundation during every round. She really does delight in a challenging round; at Brier Creek Country Club.

At Hole #1:
At Hole #9:
The final group photo:
She bogeyed the first two holes and then settled into a steady rhythm. Caddy wanted to go one club down but since the greens were fast, didn't want it to go past the cup, played it safe knowing she was good at chipping if short of the green. The other girls were competitive, everyone tried to do their best under their circumstances. Ultimately you are playing the course, to best your score. AA’s final two days score was 40 and 40; she won by 13 strokes.
Facebook: We are driving home with the 2015 US Kids Golf Carolinas State Champion for the Girls Division (ages 8-9)! Exciting! She was the youngest girl in her division and had two days of steady playing.
As the Champion, one must say a few words at the awards ceremony and AA did great! She thanked US Kids Golf and The Brier Creek Country Club.

At the end of each tournament, AA usually says how exciting but today she kept saying WOW!

Our drive home went well, needed to get home for me to go to work and for us to get ready for the Florida State tournament this Saturday. Pack, drive, unpack, play, and repeat.