Friday, March 06, 2015

March 02, 2015 - New Car, New Day!

We traded in the Mazda3 for the Subaru Forester; love the new larger size!

It was a beautiful Monday, so AA and I walked the neighborhood and along Moosehaven. Pretty azaleas in our yard:
Always has her scooter:
The speed bumps are HUGE! So many cars drive over them a bit too fast and then SCRAPE, the hideous noise of it bottoming out!
The river walk in front of Moosehaven - so nice!

Thursday, March 05, 2015

NFJG - Eagle Harbor Tournament - Foundation Girls

What wet weather we have had! Hardly any practicing this past week. Sunday morning, with a slight drizzle, the skies slowly cleared and by tee time, no rain. The result was still lots of puddles, soggy grass and muddy feet! Waiting at Hole #10 (played the back nine) at Eagle Harbor; we were about 15 minutes late getting started. Playing in the NFJG is very challenging, the foundation girls play from the ladies (red) tees, so this course was 2550 yards; very long, much longer that what AA usually plays (1600 - 1800). We blogged about her first NFJG tournament last June 2014
It is a great experience and we were happy that the Chao's and Sorge's joined us.

The threesome and the three youngest, Sammy, AA and Bryn:
Finishing up at Hole #18:
Scoring table:
The results: Bryn won, Kaitlin in third and our two youngest, tied for fourth/fifth.
Top three:
Coach Jason and Caddie Maria:
The girls who love to play together!
Can't wait for the next one - probably South Hampton in April!

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Rainy Week! (End of February)

We had very little time outdoors this past week. Between the cold, which is expected this time of year for NE Florida and the rain, we played lots of games this past week. It rained right up to the starting time of her NFJG Tournament at Eagle Harbor (March 1st). 
She had received most of the these games as gifts (and many more) for her birthday and Christmas. We play her favorites like Monopoly and Life, so I broke out some new games. Cribbage, UNO and Scrabble.
AA beat me at our first game of Cribbage; I beat her at Scrabble - barely! Then she killed me playing UNO - she won 10 games to my 5!

She is competitive!

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Kilee, Craft, Chinese New Year and More

Hubby and Alyzabeth created two travel mugs for me for Valentine's Day, a great, easy craft. Here's the link to that post. This time, we bought mugs for Kilee to decorate for her Mom and Dad (son Justin). Using fingernail polish and water, an artful creation was made.

AA decorating another item for us:
Kilee's mugs:
Chinese New Year celebration is over, but AA and her teacher did a lesson plan for the class. We sent in chop sticks and a bag of marshmallows so every student could learn how to use the chop sticks.
Lots of goodies for each student:
It was a great week!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Chinese New Year 2015 - Continued - Official Family Photo

Here's our official Chinese New Year Photo - 2015 (not our best one!! Wish I had looked closer when he showed it to me; usually they are very good mementos of the event). A small group for us this year. The "growns" had something else to do but we did get Kilee to spend the night to have some fun with Alyzabeth along with cousin Carolyn!

AA looks so tall; she is standing on a stool, Kilee on the ground. 
At the Jacksonville Garden Club, a great place and since the weather was fine, we were able to spread outside too!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Chinese New Year Celebration - FCFCC

Kilee and Alyzabeth enjoyed the Chinese New Year celebration at the Garden Club of Jacksonville. The weather turned out just gorgeous, low-70's. Perfect considering we just came out of three freezing days! Before photos:

Carolyn took them around the room, selecting which raffles to put their tickets in - Ford bought an obscene amount for us to ensure the odds will be in our favor of winning something! The food was great with dumplings, Asian cold salad, steak, chicken, macaroni and cheese, rice and sweet potatoes - all good! Also, a drinks table for the kids to self-serve (and a bar for us adults!).
Year of the Sheep crafts:
Kilee's favorite raffle item and she won it! She was so happy - a sunflower star-burst made from book pages, sprayed with gold paint (made by Rina Speciale).
We all won something, a wine basket, a Chinese basket (cloisonne candle stick holders, picture frame and purple jade/pearl earrings), plus a golf certificate for four at Cimarrone! Carolyn won a red, white and blue bracelet (she knows who will love it too).
We donated a hand-made cherry blossom dress (made by J. Raff - Fly Away Home) for the raffle too; hope some little girl loves it!
The sleeping lion, everyone had to help wake it up!
Kilee pleased she got so close to the lion this year!
Close enough to touch:
Kilee holding AA's hand - so cute!
A great event! Thank you to the FCFCC Board and Volunteers!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Kilee's Visit - Sleep Over - Saturday - Sunday

Kilee spent the night with us and is going to Chinese New Year celebration later this afternoon. It was so cold last week, today was beautiful! This morning was about 50 degrees, but quickly warmed up! 
Kilee fixed AA's hair, they ate an apple for snack, ran around playing tag and spy; a game of Life and other iPad games. Too bad we turned on AA's Wii game and the power pack didn't work - will head back to the store to see what's up!
Kilee has a full mouth of apple - trying not to chew:

Happy girl (yesterday's golf tournament was such a disappointment to her; tears and sadness - but the next day - today, life looks good again!)
Sunshine blinding them:
Running around the Club:
Love the spring weather!